Vail, Colorado


House Call Pediatric Urgent Care in Vail Valley

House Call Pediatric Urgent Care in Vail Valley

House Call Pediatric Urgent Care in Vail ValleyHouse Call Pediatric Urgent Care in Vail ValleyHouse Call Pediatric Urgent Care in Vail Valley

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  • What areas do you serve?

East Vail, Vail, Vail and Beaver Creek Resort areas, Eagle-Vail, Minturn, Avon, Edwards, and Eagle.

  • Do you accept insurance?

Pediatrician Next Door does not accept insurance or submit claims on behalf of the patient.  Dr. Miranda's services are Out of Network for every insurance provider.  However, you will receive a Superbill after your visit that will have diagnostic and service codes you will need if you choose to submit the bill to your insurance.  If the doctor writes you a prescription for medication, oxygen, labs, or x-rays, your insurance can be used for those services.

  • Can I use my FSA or HSA funds for payment?

Yes, you can.

  • Do you offer a discount for local residents?

Yes, we do.  Please inquire about the discount when you make your appointment.

  • When do I pay?

Payment is due at the end of the visit.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay and Android Pay.  If arranged prior to the visit, other forms of payment may also be accepted, but the doctor does not carry cash.

  • What can I expect when the doctor arrives?

Dr. Miranda will arrive with all of the necessary supplies for a typical urgent care visit.  He will let everyone get comfortable and then begin to collect the patient's weight, vital signs, history, and exam in whatever order seems to work out the best.  Recommendations may include anything from supportive care, to prescription medications, to additional studies or follow-up visits.  After the visit, you will receive a Visit Summary of your child's encounter and a Superbill by Proofpoint encrypted email.

  • Does the doctor dispense any medications?

Yes. Dr. Miranda does have some common medications for symptom relief on hand to provide directly to a patient when appropriate and when local pharmacies are closed for the night.

  • Are the email communications HIPAA compliant?

Yes.  Any emails that contain private health information about your child will be sent by encrypted email via a secure HIPAA-compliant "Proofpoint Essentials" server.  The protection is similar to that used by large financial institutions.

  • Is this website secure?

Yes.  The privacy of the information you submit through this website is protected by a "https" secure connection (SSL Certificate).

  • How long is a visit?

Most visits are 30-45 minutes but may last longer if necessary.

  • Do you provide Well Child care?

Not at this time, but look for updates on this website or special announcements in the near future.

  • Do you prescribe narcotic medications?

No, and Dr. Miranda does not carry such medications with him.